The Music Within

Robert Schwager is a singer-songwriter influenced by a large range of genres. He comes from a small town in the north west region of New South Wales called Wee Waa in Australia. Growing up in the small country town on a farm allowed him to gain great life skills and a hard work ethic. He eventually went to boarding school at St.Josephs College where he was taught to sing for six consecutive years. In those years he was taught by Gerry Sword and Samantha Elis who played a significant role in developing his skills as a vocalist. Through Guidance and musical training he was taught by Allan Dawson and Peter Ellis, these four people having extensive experience in their field allowed the musician to understand and develop with the knowledge that was given to him. 

In those years at the school, he became the lead singer and was fortunate enough to take a performing arts tour to New Zealand where he was able to perform and learn as an artist. The singer-songwriter was grateful for all that he had gained in the six years at St.Josephs college and the time he spent learning from those around him. Robert said, "I always enjoyed learning new skills, but one of the primary skills I always enjoyed was being up on stage and singing". 

Throughout his life music has always played a part and he emphasised how learning from the people around him was so significant. Furthering his studies he graduated from St.Josephs College and attended Macquarie University studying a degree in music, arts industries and management.  Studying Vocals and undergoing intensive studies in all areas of music. He also admits trying to study education and although not for him he gained a minor in education.

"My journey at Macquarie University was a reminder of how much I enjoyed my music; I was initially studying education with music on the side, but when I had realised my results weren't good enough I gave it up to pursue my career as a musician. On this journey, i would have never had the strength to do this if it wasn't for all the friends around me that have pushed me to where I want to be. I do enjoy motivating myself through quotes and music as well as surrounding myself with positive people that drove me to do my best."

Robert has always enjoyed his music but has also had an interest in health and fitness. He doesn't play sport but enjoys staying fit and healthy; He used to play sport at school but due to the heavy workload and juggling everything around he decided to focus on what he needed to do. With this interest, He bumped into a health and wellbeing company that has helped him along his journey and motivated him to get further in life and peruse his passion. 

"The health and wellbeing company that I joined wasn't something I thought about doing at first. But a friend of mine reached out to me, and I've never looked back, I get a lot of people saying I shouldn't do it, or it's not something they would do. But I wanted to change my lifestyle and what I ate because I was non-stop and on the go. I didn't have the time and energy to do the things I wanted to do, but it changed me for the better and sometimes I just wish others could have the experience I have had."

The artist has always grown up with a lot of family and friends around him and on his journey, he has met a lot of people along the way. Being from a small country town he describes moving to the big city was a scary experience when he was young. He does find it hard at times to be away from family and not being able to make it home enough. The artist explains that he doesn't have a lot of family close by but tries to get home as much as he can. 

The singer-songwriter is passionate about his music and is taking on the industry, hoping to develop his skills along the way and make an impact online and where he can.  He has a passion for all areas of music and is in the process of writing new material and produce his original songs.